Mission Logistics, LLC

Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania and the consulting firm World-Class Industrial Network, LLC have developed a new social enterprise to provide transport and logistics services to clients that require commodity delivery. 

Mission Logistics, LLC is an independent entity created by Goodwill to deliver centralized transport, logistics and supporting services. This new social enterprise will utilize and maintain a dependable, efficient and low cost transport and logistics system for its customers, when and where needed, thus alleviating both non- and for-profit organizations from the operating costs and burdens of maintaining or, expanding their own fleet of vehicles. The proposition is that a niche market pick-up and delivery service of this type: will immediately generate net new income for Goodwill; reduce operating costs for clients; build a fleet that is more efficient and cleaner for the environment; adopt and/or design a logistics planning software that will minimize delivery runs and maximize revenue generating capacity; capitalize on programs for alternative fuel and tax credit incentives for vehicles and; offer training and career development for mission priority populations. 

The cost and capacity requirements that Goodwill currently incurs by owning, leasing and maintaining delivery vehicle fleets and supporting staff, will be optimized and reengineered into a social enterprise generating revenue and programmatic benefit.

The business plan developed by World-Class Industrial Network outlines a strategic evolution that begins by launching a pick-up and delivery service --Mission Logistics, LLC -- with Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania as the sole equity partner.  Mission Logistics (ML) will contract to provide commodity transport services to customers and continue to provide Goodwill stores with the services it currently performs, in-house, while reengineering existing transport capacity utilization and offering underutilized capacity as a service.