Using Data to Get the Word Out

If you structure your data properly and create the tools to collect and report on that data in meaningful ways, there is no limit to how you can leverage that information to further your cause.  Take the Keystone Innovation Zone Program run by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, for example:  WIN consultants worked with DCED to build a data collection and reporting portal on the platform that tracks the impact of their services for startup companies across the State.  Now, impact measure data for KIZ Program staff are at their fingertips.  This data includes how many companies they have helped, how many jobs have been created, how much money has been delivered, and how much public and private investment has been attracted because of these programs.  The data is used to demonstrate success, ensure compliance to program’s legislative requirements, secure future funding and recruit new startup companies to targeted PA communities.   

To learn more about Keystone Innovation Zone and use their interactive data map, click here.

How could you use performance measure data?  We can help you think through it.