The Fun Way to Learn Salesforce: More on Salesforce

A few of my coworkers previously have blogged about studying for the Salesforce Administrator exam. Emily mentioned Trailhead, and I wanted to add to the discussion about it as this has been a very helpful and encouraging study tool in preparation for such an exam. First: let's talk about the site itself, and then I’ll share my personal experience with it.

According to Salesforce, Trailhead is a fun, interactive, free way to learn Salesforce. With trails and projects for Administrators, Developers, and Users you can learn all you need to know about Salesforce. This website offers a completely free Developer Edition Salesforce instance for you to practice in and take challenges. As you complete the modules you gain points, and earn badges, which you can display to your Salesforce Community Profile. For some modules you read the content and answer questions; other modules challenge you to perform a specific task in Salesforce.

I rank as a Mountaineer in my Trailhead account, and currently hold thirty-three badges. I also accumulated over 25,500 points. It’s an accomplishment I share whenever possible. One time, I earned a sweatshirt with the Trailhead logo and badges by completing ten badges in a week.  I plan to take the Administrator exam in April, and will complete many more modules in Trailhead between now and then. I enjoy the real-world use cases that Trailhead provides. If you seek to gain more knowledge in Salesforce, log onto so you can begin to earn badges, gain points, and have more experience with the Salesforce database.