Salesforce technology is helping nonprofits accelerate their missions!

We’ve already shared many of our reasons for favoring Salesforce for our nonprofit clients, both in terms of our experience as Salesforce consulting partners and as direct nonprofit staff. To further back up our case, we wanted to also share some facts and stats from a recent annual customer relationship survey conducted by independent research firm Decipher/FocusVision. The results of the survey demonstrates the significant impact that Salesforce can have on nonprofits:

  • 87% of nonprofit and higher education respondents indicated that is helping them advance their mission.
  • customers who participated in the survey indicated an average of:
    • 63% improvement in operational effectiveness;
    • 57% faster response [rates from constituents];
    • 53% improvement in data quality;
    • 45% faster collaboration; and
    • 45% faster decision making.

Other impact studies have shown:

  • 92% of customers would recommend Salesforce – and 82% already have.
  • customers reported a 40% decrease in IT costs.
  • nonprofit and higher education customers reported an average of:
    • 36% Increase in [outreach/recruitment] productivity;
    • 34% Increase in volunteer/student engagement;
    • 30% Increase in funds raised;
    • 27% Increase in volunteer/student retention; and
    • 23% faster approval of fundraising deals.

Interested in learning more? Contact Tim Marcovecchio, Partner in charge of the World-Class Industrial Network, LLC (WIN) I/t Practice. WIN is a Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner.